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Seikido awards nine students


There are now nine more people in Whistler not to mess with.

Although it has only been open since May, Whistler Seikido last week handed out new belts and stripes to the first group of students to enrol at the dojo.

David Pook and Kevin Irvine received their green belts, the second belt in the Seikido progression.

Kendra Starr, Alison Legge, and Jo Devenish received first and second stripes for their white belts, which is the first belt in the progression. Tim Allix, Frank Franchini Desmond Leo and Joanne Simpson each received their first stripe.

According to Cole Gregerson, the owner and instructor of Whistler Seikido Martial Arts in Function Junction, the students have to demonstrate punches, kicks, blocks and break-falls, which are moves to absorb and recover from falls.

The students took their tests on July 11 with both Gregerson and the head Seikido Sensai from Vancouver looking on. They also videotaped the tests and reviewed them before presenting the belts and stripes.

The Whistler Seikido dojo will be participating in a tournament at the beginning of November. Gregerson hopes to bring at least a dozen students with him to the competition.

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