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Pique-sponsored mixed media event to show films from around the world



Claymation may have gone out of style in Hollywood but in Whistler, it's making a comeback at this year's 3PO.

Basically, anything goes at this year's multimedia showcase, in which artists were asked to submit shows between three to five minutes in length that include three points of origin - animation, photography, music.

This year's finalists will also feature claymation, some visual effects, and some 3-D and stop motion photography.

"Basically, it's a stimulation for your eyes and for your senses, and it's a really creative event," says Lilli Clark, multimedia events producer for the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

Because the rules for 72 Hour Showdown and Pro Photographer Showdown are so constricting that the creative process can be stifled, festival organizers decided three years ago to create a competition where artists were freer to explore their creativity. The rules for this year's 3PO have been broadened to include films that exist outside mountain culture.

Clark says they pushed every resource they had this year to sell 3PO and make it bigger than in previous years. They called on artists of all types at schools all around the world and upped the prize money by $1000 to $3500.

"There needs to be big money on the line to encourage somebody to spend that much time and effort to create a 3-D short in animation," she says.

Twenty-three films were submitted and eight were chosen as finalists, including four from Whistler-Vancouver and another four from around the world, including Russia and Brazil.

The films will be shown at a gala at the Sea to Sky Ballroom on Sunday, April 17 -doors open at 8.p.m. with the show to start at 9 p.m. - where panel of judges will choose the winner.