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Second Business & the Arts Award presented Wednesday

The Whistler Arts Council and the Whistler Chamber of Commerce will present the second annual Business & The Arts Award at the Chamber luncheon on Wednesday, Jan. 19 at the Four Seasons Resort.


Last year’s debut award – a painting by long-time Whistler resident Isobel MacLaurin – was presented to Whiski Jack Resorts for their valuable contribution of accommodations for visiting cultural performers and artists after an eloquent speech by acclaimed arts journalist and advocate Max Wyman.

This year’s keynote speaker is Sandra Kochan. Since 2002 Kelowna-based Kochan has been the contracted co-ordinator for the Okanagan Cultural Corridor project, a cultural tourism initiative promoting over 100 arts, heritage and agritourism attractions. She is a member of the Marketing Committee for the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and is a contributing writer for a number of culinary and travel publications, including Victoria-based Epicure & Travel magazine, and a new edition of Best Places to Kiss in the Northwest . She also serves as a Director of the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna, the Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art in Kelowna and the British Columbia Culinary Tourism Society.

Kochan’s speech is titled Creative Synergies: Business, Tourism & the Arts, and will focus on cultural tourism as a competitive, economic edge for communities.

The award itself will continue in the tradition of being sourced directly from the local artist and artisan community.

Those attending the luncheon must RSVP to the Whistler Arts Council by Friday, Jan. 14.

For more information go to www.whistlerartscouncil.com.