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Sea Wolves make club history in Victoria



Members of the Whistler Sea Wolves swim club made club history several times this past weekend as members attended the Pacific Swim Club's 10th Annual Wavemaker Invitational outside of Victoria, both in terms of participation and in the results.

The first record was set before the meet even started, with a record participation of 18 swimmers. To take part in the meet, athletes had to be certified to swim the 200-metre individual medley in four minutes or less.

With so many participants, the team was also able to enter the relay for the first time, another first. They ended up fielding two men's and two women's teams for the relay categories.

Ian Milley made club history by setting a meet record in the 50-metre free event, 12 and under category.

Alexander Valentin and Kat Kranjc also qualified to race in the AA long course provincial swim championship in June, joining four other team members that had previously qualified — Ian Milley, Stephane Barnett, Eli Tindall and Gage Tindall. It's the largest contingent of Sea Wolves to qualify for a provincial competition.

As well, almost all of the members set new personal bests. Not all athletes qualified for the finals, but with hundreds of participants taking part it was a tall order to place in the top eight of any category — especially in the women's event with a huge turnout in those age groups.

Individual results (in order finals took place):

Eli Tindall qualified for the finals in the men's 13 to 14 100-metre butterfly finals, placing eighth overall.

In the men's 100M backstroke, Eric Milley placed sixth overall in 10 and under, Ian Milley was fourth in 11-12 and Eli Tindall was seventh in 13-14.

In the 200M breaststroke, Liam Beresford placed second in 11-12, and Alex Valentin and Jacob Spierings were fourth and eighth in 13-14.

In the 50M free, Eric Milley was seventh, Ian Milley first and Alex Valentin eighth in their respective age groups.

In the 400M free, Ian Milley was second, Alex Valentin fifth and Antoine Delage (men's 15 and over) eighth. Kat Kranjc was 17th in the women's 400M free event in the 13-14 category.

In the 200M free event, Eric Milley was sixth, Ian Milley first.

In the 50M butterfly finals, Eric Milley was eighth, Ian Milley fourth, Eli Tindall sixth, Alex Valentin seventh.

In the 100M breaststroke, Eric Milley was fifth, Ian Milley fifth, Alex Valentin seventh, Stephane Barnett eighth.

In the 50M backstroke, Stephane Barnett was third.

In the 100M freestyle finals, Eric Milley was sixth, Ian Milley first, Alex Valentin seventh.

In the 200M backstroke finals, Iam Milley was fourth, Alex Valentin fifth, Stephane Barnett sixth and Eli Tindall seventh.

In the 50M breaststroke finals, Eric Milley was seventh and Antoine Delage eighth. Pietra Kamstra broke into the finals on the women's side and placed seventh.

In the 200M individual medley, Eric Milley was sixth, Ian Milley fifth, Alex Valentin sixth, Stephane Barnett seventh and Antoine Delage seventh.

Relay results:

In the 200M medley relay, the men's A team — Stephane Barnett, Alex Valentin, Ian Milley and Eli Tindall — were fourth, while the Whistler A team — Jacob Spierings, Liam Beresford, Eric Milley and Antoine Delage — was fifth.

In the girl's 11-12 medley relay, the Whistler A team — Mackenzie Williamson, Eva Valentin, Lauren Wentzel and Tracey Philp — was 10th.

In the men's 200 free relay, the men's A team in 13-14 — Jacob Spierings, Liam Beresford, Eric Milley and Ian Milley — was fourth. In 15 and over, the Whistler A team — Alex Valentin, Antoine Delage, Stephane Barnett and Eli Tindall — was fourth.

In the women's 200M relay, the Whistler A team in 11-12 — Pietra Kamstra, Lauren Wentzel, Mackenzie Williamson and Samantha Deally — was 10th. In 15 and over the Whistler team — Robin Mann, J.J. Deane, Eva Valentin and Kat Kranjc — was eighth.

In the girls 13-14 category, the Whistler A team — Pietra Kamstra, J.J. Deane, Kat Kranjc and Samantha Deally — was eighth.

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