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Sea to Sky Trail Ride By Oona Woods Pre-registration is already well over 200 for the Sea to Sky Trail Ride, scheduled to take place Saturday and Sunday, July 11 and 12. Starting in Devine near D'Arcy on day one, participants will bike down from Anderson Lake, through Gramsons, Owl Creek and Pemberton to Whistler. On day two participants will head to the finish line in Squamish. Race organizer Robin McKinney, calling the Pique from Provence in the South of France, says the 200 figure is well over last year’s pre-registration numbers at this time. McKinney says the response has come from a wide cross-section of people. "We have a couple 72 year olds registered as well as some 11 year olds. There's also people coming from Germany this year. Other people are coming from across the US just for the weekend to take part." The event has changed focus over the three years since it was started says McKinney. "I thought originally it might appeal to a racing crowd but we're attracting more recreational and non-competitive types. Initially the idea came from the Seattle-Portland two day ride. I wanted to do an off-road alternative. Two thousand people do that one and it's pretty unscenic. Having ridden part of the trails up here I approached the Sea to Sky Trail Society as it was then and offered to organize this event. They agreed and with the dinners, beer garden and donated prizes we raised $5,000 towards funding the construction of the Sea to Sky Trail." The Sea to Sky Trail is growing in spurts along the corridors between Vancouver and D’Arcy. The task is monumental as trail society member Gord McKeever points out. "It's a huge project for a volunteer board to deal with. You're basically creating a park that's 150 kilometres long and three meters wide. And there are so many different interest groups involved. You've got private land, Crown land, BC Hydro and BC Rail. It's just an enormous project." Last year the trail society combined forces with the RMOW and BC Hydro to build a section of trail in the Shadow Lake area. This year's trail ride will be utilizing the new section. McKinney says there is also an improved camping site with washrooms installed at the start of the race in Devine. People and their bikes will be shipped up to the site on the Friday night in time for a big bonfire. On the second night the party moves to Whistler's Myrtle Philip school yard. On Sunday the action takes place at the finish line in Squamish. For information all the hotline: (604) SEA-2-SKY.

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