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Sea to Sky Film Fest screens lucky 13

Squamish’s plucky little Sea to Sky Film Festival, a one-night gala of independent short filmmaking, is celebrating its ninth birthday next Friday evening with a 13-film lineup that includes three world premieres.



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Chapin soon discovers that he has two large sweat stains on his dress shirt. Determined to make a strong first impression, he tries to solve his sweaty problem before going in.


Stephane Houle - Que.

(Drama) 5:00 min

Dramatic short film exploring the myth of Icarus.

Road Kill

Gary Hawes - Vancouver, B.C.

(Comedy) 10:00 min

Three buddies are on their way to the perfect barbecue until they run over a raccoon.

Headlessness (WP)

Luke Gustafson - Vancouver, B.C.

(Experimental) 3:39 min

Animated experimental film about a lone monk on a pilgrimage to the 'holy mountain' who has psychedelic visions of dissemination. The film uses drawn and flash animation.

The Obstacle Course

Cameron Tingley - Toronto, Ont.

(Comedy) 5:22 min

Inside a modern convenience store aggressive advertising displays and seductive point-of-purchase gimmicks compete for the attention of the vulnerable consumer.