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Sea to Sky area proving ‘complex’ for VANOC

Accommodation, transportation budgets under review



Organizers of the 2010 Games are taking a second look at their budgets for accommodation and transportation of workers and volunteers in the Sea to Sky corridor.

The area continues to be “complex” said John Furlong, the CEO of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Games at a press briefing following a meeting of the organization’s board Tuesday.

“…Some of the areas that we talked about today (were the) Look of the Games, (and) the complex questions around accommodation and moving workforce and volunteers in and out of the Sea to Sky corridor,” he said.

The VANOC board approved the budget in principle.

VANOC had undertaken a review of its budget over the spring and summer of this year. But as the economic situation began to change rapidly it went back to the drawing board to review it again. It has also created a new Financial Oversight Team as an additional measure and safeguard during the economic downturn, to review potential issues and to find creative financial solutions.

But this week the board asked that VANOC look again at its revisions to make sure that enough money was being allocated to ensure the Games are a success.

Board Chairman Jack Poole asked that VANOC be sure that: “…In the endeavour to cut the fat out of the budget that you don’t start cutting muscle and bone.

“Is there a chance you (VANOC) have gone too far? We don’t think so, but is there a chance that you have, because that would be a mistake.”

VANOC’s overall budget for putting on the Games has not changed.

The main areas VANOC is revisiting are:

• Look of the Games budget: VANOC will review the proposed Look of the Games budget to ensure enough funds are allocated to create the intended spectacular atmosphere in Vancouver and Whistler during the Games.

• Accommodation budget in the Sea to Sky corridor: A review of the revised budget for workforce accommodation in the Sea to Sky corridor will take place to ensure enough funds are allocated. Having met most of its obligations VANOC is continuing its efforts to secure required rooms in the Sea to Sky region for Games time for its workforce.

• Workforce numbers: VANOC's workforce will continue to grow but may end up smaller than anticipated. VANOC plans to review projected workforce numbers to ensure the team is sufficiently resourced to stage successful Games.