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School libraries beneficiaries of used book sale


This being Canada Book Week (to April 27), it’s an appropriate time to share books and magazines with others and raise some cash for the libraries at Whistler Secondary and the new Spring Creek elementary school.

Another used book sale to benefit the two school libraries will be held on the May long weekend at the IGA in Marketplace. Bins for collecting donated books, magazines and videos are now set up at Nesters Market, the TD Bank in Marketplace, Myrtle Philip school and Whistler Secondary.

"We’re looking for any kind of books on any subjects, adult’s and children’s books, fiction, non-fiction," says organizer Jane Reid.

Previous May long weekend book sales have raised more than $3,400 for the purchase of books for the libraries. The money raised augments the usually meagre government funds available for school libraries to purchase books. Richer school libraries are one aspect of creating a better learning environment.

Book donations for previous sales have also produced approximately 2,000 volumes that have been found to be in good enough shape and relevant subject matter to be placed directly in the libraries. Those books are now being catalogued and processed for the libraries and should be on the stacks in September.

Anyone with donations too large to take to the book bins can call Reid to arrange pickup: 604-932-3665.