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school board audit

School board audit report due soon Results of an audit of finances and operations of Howe Sound School District #48 is due soon, says school board chair Constance Rulka. "We're expecting the report within the next week," Rulka says. The investigation was initiated by a teachers federation request last year. The school board was facing financial constraints and the teachers federation — anticipating a call to cut teachers’ salaries — wanted to make sure the board was spending every dollar efficiently. Although the federation asked that a ministry of education field team undertake the system audit, the school board appointed an outside investigator. "He's doing a very thorough job," Rulka says. About 150 interviews were done as part of the fact-gathering process. Both the school board and the teachers federation are anticipating the investigator's report. "The results of the report will be non-binding on the school board," says a spokesperson for the teachers federation. "We will wait to see if the board will act on any of the recommendations." The wait will take a couple weeks, at least. Once the report is handed in the board is planning a retreat to get a good look at the report and make some conclusions of its own , Rulka says. The public will get its own look at the report sometime later.