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Saturday filming gives theatre goers a taste of new Ab Fab


The legendary BBC dark comedy series Absolutely Fabulous, starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, is more commonly referred to as Ab Fab. But devotees know there’s absolutely nothing common about it. In fact, it’s the anti-common. An over the top, sequined sizzle centred around twice divorced Edina Monsoon, a loud, selfish, boozing, smoking, preening, middle aged PR executive and her lush of a best friend and partner in crime, Patsy Stone: the devil dressed as Ivana Trump.

Even those who don’t maintain a cult-like devotion to their Ab Fab box sets likely did a double/triple take last weekend at the sight of the trussed up twosome boozing their way around the village in a convertible. Fans of the series must have been absolutely flabbergasted to see Eddy and Patsy in the flesh.

Er, should we say Michele and Monique in the flesh? That’s right. The dead ringers are Michele Bush and Monique Davidson, stars of the upcoming theatrical adaptation of classic Ab Fab season two episode Poor, a presentation of Bush’s aptly-named Bushwoman Productions, which begins its five-show run on Nov. 26.

After the tremendous success of last year’s Fat, the devious duo are back again for another round. This time Bush and Co. are re-enacting the classic plot wherein Eddy is badgered by straight-laced daughter Saffy to change her unsustainable extravagant lifestyle when her alimony payments are cut off. She then sets out (with liquor-toting Patsy in tow) to run a few simple errands. Of course, with Edina nothing is ever simple.

The production will integrate video footage of the pair’s escapades with the theatre performance. Those lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of Saturday’s filming session got a small taste of what’s in store at the end of November. The rest of the potential show-goers will just have to be patient. Not something for which Eddy is exactly known.


Impatient types can, however, buy tickets now, now, now, through TicketMaster either by phone or at the MY Place box office outlet for $21. A special matinee performance on Saturday, Nov. 29 takes place at the Chateau Whistler and includes a champagne brunch for $49. Call 604-935-8418 for more information.

Aladdin continues pantomime tradition

A grand tradition, the annual Whistler pantomime, will continue with this year’s production of Aladdin.

A raucous, fun form of theatre, pantomime usually involves a reworking of a classic fairy tale, albeit with modern twists and gender-shifting role selection. Audience members are encouraged to heckle and cheer, and the result is more of a party atmosphere than stodgy, proper thea-tah.

A combined effort this year by Short Skirt productions and Between Shifts, Aladdin stars familiar faces from the Whistler community including the GLC’s Mike Varrin, Behind the Grind’s Chris Quinlan, CSA’s Angie Nolan, Club Intrawest’s Don Stevenson and Mike Pauly, and Whistler-Blackcomb’s Chris Strome.

The four-show run kicks off at MY (Millennium) Place on Nov. 13. Tickets are $12-$17 and currently available through TicketMaster either by phone or at the MY Place box office outlet. Call 604-935-8418 for more information.

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