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Sara Jennings — changing the world, one act at a time



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"Besides," she says, "Whistlerites are so busy — reaching them at home is probably the best way to get their attention. By going door-to-door distributing bags and information, we get to help people in the community understand who uses the Food Bank, why they use it and what's needed here. In other words, we get to answer some questions about hunger at Whistler..."

It's not sexy. It's not like being a volunteer at the Olympics or the X-Games. But it's certainly a worthy cause. And in a community as wealthy as Whistler, the fact that there are families and individuals going to bed hungry every night is inexcusable. "People just don't realize how tough it is for those in want in this valley," concludes Sara. "Donating to the Food Bank — whether by providing food, funds or as a volunteer — is one sure way to make a positive and immediate difference in our community!"

Next week: follow Sara's transformation from a typical young Whistlerite to a globe-trotting social and environmental warrior.