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Samurais endure one of hardest races yet

Technical climbs take their toll on field of riders



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The Keanest Samurai Award went to Terri Ross, who was also riding in her first Samurai. "She was an ex-Teppan chef who works at Samurai Sushi, and decided she had to do it and she was great. She had a great time," said Horn.

The Happiest Samurai was Nicole Heisterman, who finished fourth among the women but had a smile on her face the entire day.

The Most Determined Samurai was Jay Houlding, who broke his frame at the point that held his seatpost on Comfortably Numb but rode the rest of the race anyway – standing up most of the time. At the finish line he threw his bike into Alpha Lake to show his frustration.

The Most Helpful Samurai was Pat Bourgie who led the first aid effort for the rider who was evacuated from Comfortably Numb with a possible spine injury.

The Strongest Samurai was Paul Fournier, who rode the entire race with his thumb immobilized in a hard cast. Fournier is also still recovering from a serious July 2004 car crash.

There was no trophy for it, but the unofficial Last Samurai Standing award went to Chris Susko, who was the last person to leave Moe Joe’s after the dinner at Teppan Village.