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Sam Rees - making the Whistler leap



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But then his boss approached him with surprising proposal. "He asked me 'Do you wanna stick around for the winter?' and I said 'You know I've never skied before, right?' and he said 'Yeah. Yeah. Whatever, it's no problem. You wanna stick around?' And I said 'Sure.'"

Hang on a second. The owner of a shop reputed for its insider knowledge and "core" skier credentials was offering a job to a 22-year old biker from Bristol with absolutely no skiing experience? Clearly there was more to this kid than what was written on his resume. "At first I felt like a bit of an imposter," Sam admits. "I mean, it's all pretty intimidating when you're new to it. But it got easier with time."

Indeed — he's still here a year later, living his mountain dreams. Although not yet fully converted to the sliding-on-snow thing (he had surgery on his hand last year, so didn't start skiing until March), Sam understands its potential. "If I can learn to look forward to winter as much as I look forward to summer," he says with a grin, "well, that's when I'll be able to say I'm a real Whistlerite."