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Sale of Regatta Bears will raise money for Easter Seal House

The next time you walk into Scotiabank you’ll not only be greeted with a smile from the teller, but also the button eyes and floppy ears of Scotiabank’s new Regatta Bears.


Regatta Bears are being sold to support the fundraising efforts of the Scotiabank Easter Seals Regatta, being held on Saturday, Aug. 21. The Regatta is held annually to raise money for the maintenance and upkeep of Easter Seal House Vancouver. Easter Seal House runs at capacity year-round, with approximately 32,000 guests per year from across B.C. This results in extensive wear on the facility, which is continuously being refurbished, one room at a time, to reduce the number of bed nights lost to repair and upgrades.

The Regatta Bears retail for $10 and are available at both the Whistler and Pemberton Scotiabank branches until Aug. 13.

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