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Ryan, Allen top Four Jacks

Four stage race puts mountain bike skills to the test



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"It was also neat to see that the people who like riding together all finished around the same time. For some people just to finish was a big deal."

As for whether there is going to be another Four Jacks race next year, Horn isn't committing to anything. "No comment," he said.

Stage One (Jack Tripper): The first stage was the time trial Toonie Ride hosted by Slopeside Supply and Samurai Sushi. It was just over 10 km long and included a selection of West Side trails like Lower Sproatt, Danimal North, Bob's Rebob and Get Over It. On the men's side, the top five riders were Matt Ryan, Dave Burch, Mike Boehm, Greg Grant and Dylan Wolsky. Fanny Paquette was the top female, followed by Kristin Johnston, Sylvie Allen, Robin O'Neill and Katrina Strand.

Stage Two (Jack Daniels): The second stage was a downhill from the top of Garbanzo to the lower part of the bike park, with a vertical drop close to 1,000 metres. Tyler Morland was the top male in that race - riding a Chromag hardtail with a five-inch front fork - followed by Kevin Phelps on his Chromag hardtail. The next three riders were James McSkimming, Matt Juhasz and Seb Kemp. Sylvie Allen won the women's race, followed by Katrina Strand, Gloria Addario, Kari Mancer and Fanny Paquette.

Stage Three (Jack Nicholson): This was the long day, weighing in over 35.5 km including several thousand metres of climbing on the Flank Trail, as well as some of the tougher descents to the valley. Matt Ryan was first by a solid gap, followed by Kevin Phelps, Dave Burch, Greg Grant and Mike Boehm. The top riders finished in just under two hours. On the women's side it was Sylvie Allen, followed by Katrina Strand and Paige Bell (tie), Fanny Paquette and Nicole Heisterman.

Stage Four (Jack The Ripper): While this was the shortest day at 8.5 km it was also the most technically challenging with trails like Shit Happens, Anal Intruder, Big Kahuna, Section 102 and Trial and Error. There were up to 18 minutes in time bonuses and penalties - bonuses for riding difficult routes, penalties for not riding hard routes. Matt Ryan and Greg Grant were first and second for time but it was Matt Bodkin who won the stage with 18 minutes in bonuses. Greg Grant was second, Kevin Phelps - also earning 18 minutes - was third, Matt Ryan fourth and Dave Burch fifth.

Sylvie Allen was the top female rider, followed by Nicole Heisterman (11 minutes in bonus time), Katrina Strand, Fanny Paquette and Paige Bell.