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Rubble Creek a muddy challenge

Wet feet but happy runners finish 26 km epics



There's a section on the Rubble Creek Classic trail run where you have to make a decision - jump from rock to rock to cross the creek running through the Cinder Flats behind Black Tusk, lose time and keep your feet dry; or run through the creek, keep your pace up and run the last half with wet feet.

It's not a decision that participants in the 26 th annual Rubble Creek Classic had to make last Sunday. With heavy rains the night before the creek was at least knee high, and even deeper in some places. Wading in freezing water was your only option.

None of the finishers seemed to mind, given that the alternative to rain and mud would have been a lot of snow.

Times were significantly slower on average, mostly because of the slippery conditions and the mandatory wade.

Jayson Faulkner, who organized the event for Escape Route, gave credit to the runners.

"It was one of the wetter ones we've had in a long time, which made it slower and it was a tougher course because of that - the uphill was really muddy," said Faulkner. "But that being said it stayed warm enough all the way up, and the runners even got a peek-a-boo view up top.

"It was a really fast crew we had this year. The fastest time was 2:15, and given the conditions that's flying, that's really fast.

"And I think everybody had a good time, and there were a lot of first-timers, too, which was great to see - including some that had never done a long trail run like that."

Faulkner pointed to Paola Chadwick, who placed second overall.

"This was the first run she has ever done, she never did a 10K run or anything and she did this is in 2:40," he said. "I told her 'I think you're probably predisposed to be a pretty good runner,' and she said 'yeah, I think I'd like to do more of this.'"

Some other notable runners include Alex Klupfer, who is 70 years old and the Knees of Steel winner this year, as well as Walter Wallgram, Duncan Munro and Kevin Hodder. Wallgram ran 15.5 km Saturday in the 5 Peaks race at Buntzen Lake, then ran the entire 26 km Rubble Creek Classic on Sunday. Munro and Hodder both did the eight kilometer Whistler Spirit Run the previous day, as well as a number of other events over the month.

The 2010 Rubble Creek winner was Mark Bennett, who finished the race in 2:15:20. More than eight minutes later Alex Wigley crossed the line in 2:23:30, followed by Seamus Frew in 2:23:50.

The top three women overall were Mariene Legrand in 2:30:50, followed by Paola Chadwick in 2:40:30 and Cathy Jenson in 2:44:20.


2010 Results

Under 30 Women

1. Carolyn Donnelly - 3:00:50

2. Sarah Olner - 3:02:30

3. Jess Dagg - 3:47:50

30 to 50 Women

1. Mariene Legrand - 2:30:50

2. Paola Chadwick - 2:40:30

3. Cathy Jenson - 2:44:20

50-Plus Women

1. Connie Sobchack - 3:36:49

2. Jill Sutcliffe _ 4:40:31

3. Betty Wiens _ 4:52:52

Under 30 Men

1. Alex Wigley - 2:23:30

2. Chris Kennedy - 2:31:04

3. Mark Schmidt - 2:32:02

30 to 50 Men

1. Mark Bennett - 2:15:20

2. Seamus Frew - 2:23:50

3. John Dove - 2:25:20

50-Plus Men

1. Walter Wallgram - 2:45:10

2. John Neels 2:57:54

3. Paul Malo - 2:59:50