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rr1 parcels

The owners of 24 large parcels of land will see their subdivision options severely curtailed under a zoning amendment bylaw given first and second reading by Whistler council Monday. The bylaw would increase the minimum parcel size allowed under RR1 zoning from 8.09 ha. (approximately 20 acres) to 40 ha. (approximately 100 acres. An analysis done by Planning staff showed there are currently 49 parcels within the municipality that are more than 16 ha. in size. Twenty-four of those parcels are believed to be privately held, with the remainder held by the Crown. Under the current minimum allowable parcel size, the 24 privately held parcels could be subdivided to create an additional 148 parcels. If the zoning amendment bylaw goes through those 24 parcels could be subdivided to create a maximum of 13 additional parcels. Among the large tracts of land that will be affected if the zoning amendment is adopted are the BC Rail lands on the west side of Alta Lake, the Decigon lands, commonly known as the Emerald Forest, and the Parkhurst property at the north end of Green Lake. The rationale for the zoning amendment is environmental protection and to prevent urban sprawl and ad hoc development, as RR1 zoning permits, among other uses, one house. As well, no development permit is required for building on RR1 property.