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rr1 bylaw

RR1 bylaw revised again A new bylaw governing permitted uses of RR1 land was given first two readings by council Tuesday, following concerted opposition to a previously proposed bylaw governing permitted uses on RR1 land. The new bylaw allows for "boutique-style pensions," such as the small corporate retreat and spa retreat which have been proposed by two RR1 land owners. It will not allow for a hostel. Councillor Max Kirkpatrick was not satisfied with the new bylaw, saying it still takes away any advantage or opportunity people who own RR1 property had. Mayor Ted Nebbeling argued that the new bylaw gives RR1 property value by allowing "boutique pensions" to be built. The bylaw also attempts to take care of concerns Blackcomb raised about permitted uses in day skier facilities. Under the previous bylaw proposal activities such as summer camps and slide shows would not have been permitted in day skier facilities. The previous bylaw, which was the subject of a public hearing last month, will be rescinded. The new bylaw will have to go before a public hearing some time in the future.