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Rowlands, Wolfe soared through life



Elwyn Rowlands and his wife Kim Wolfe will be remembered for many things.

But at the top of everyone’s list is the intense love they showered their children with and passion with which they lived their lives.

"They soared through life at incredible speed," said Tanya Rowlands, Elwyn’s sister-in-law.

"Touching so many people's lives throughout the world in many different ways.

"Seeing, doing, being. If there was a line to stop at, Elwyn would be beyond it in a blink of an eye, testing what it would bring.

"If you ventured with Elwyn, you would always come back with a story."

Elwyn Rowlands and his wife were killed Wednesday, April 17 when their southbound 1979 Cadillac hit a northbound F250 pickup on Highway 99.

Their daughter, nine-year-old Stacy, who was sitting in the front of the car, suffered serious injuries, but is recovering, after surgery.

Cyrus, four-and-a-half, who was sitting in the back seat of the car, has multiple fractures, and other injuries. He is also recovering and enjoying ice-cream in the hospital. He is now able to get around in a wheelchair.

It has yet to be determined if either child suffered any long-term head injuries.

Both have had their first visit from big brother Jake, 11, who was not in the car at the time of the accident and is now staying with Elwyn’s sister and her husband in Surrey.

According to investigators, everyone was wearing a seatbelt except Kim Wolfe, 38.

Elwyn was definitely one of Whistler’s most dynamic characters, He dabbled in real estate and there’s little doubt he had a checkered past.

But, said long-time friend Brian Brown, "He was a very caring person."

"He would give you the shirt off his back. He would do anything for a friend. He doted on his children. He just loved them. There was no lack of love in that family."

The Rowlands lived with Brown for several months when Cyrus was a baby. "The baby went from rolling over to walking when they were with me," said Brown.

"This is very difficult. It's all just rattling around in my head."

Rowlands was a photographer and if you look in just about any of the coffee shops or restaurants where the locals hang out, you'll find his pictures.

He went to every Olympics except the last and unofficially took pictures. He shot ski races at Whistler, rock concerts and captured the spirit of a hundred lives and a thousand places through his lens.