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Rounding the peak of H1N1

Absentee rates at Sea to Sky schools level off



While local doctors and nurses are still busy seeing many flu cases, the H1N1 flu virus may be at the tail end of its peak in the Sea to Sky corridor.

The region's medical health officer Dr. Paul Martiquet said this week that absentee rate in the schools, which spiked over the last three weeks, have cooled off and are now hovering at around 10 per cent.

"The good news is we're seeing decreased school absenteeism rates in the schools in Sea to Sky... which suggests to me the worst has come and gone."

There have been no reports of serious illness from H1N1 in the corridor.

When asked if there could be a third wave of the virus sweeping through the community in the months to come, Martiquet could not say for sure.

"I can't predict but I think we have to keep it in the back of our minds and that's why, even though we are seeing ourselves rounding the peak, it's still important for people to get vaccinated, simply cause we don't know what's in store for us in the future."

The vaccine is still not available to the general public.

"We're probably about two weeks away from getting enough supply so we can do the general public," said Martiquet.

This week the eligibility list expanded to include healthy children from five to 18 years old, among others.

The H1N1 shot is available in Whistler this week on Friday Nov. 20 from 1-5 on the second floor of the Whistler Health Care Centre. For more information call the Whistler Health Unit at 604-932-3202.



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