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Giant Bear Kidnapped... By Kris Casavant Whistler's first kidnapping of 1999 ended peacefully this week, with Rocky, mascot of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, returned unharmed. On Jan. 5 Rocky, the bear who has sat as a faithful employee to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for the last several years, was hoisted from his position outside the store by an unknown bear-napper. The chocolate factory had made numerous attempts to locate Rocky and his bear-nappers. No ransom note or phone call listing demands was received. Rocky was seen late on the night of Jan. 5 by a local witness who claimed the bear was riding the bus to Alpine Meadows, sitting next to a man with Conga drums. Rocky was not seen again for several days. The chocolate factory posted letters which offered a sizeable reward — an ice cream cone every week for life — for any information leading to the safe return of the oversized bear and the arrest and conviction of the bear-nappers. After nearly a week, some information on Rocky's whereabouts finally surfaced. He was spotted at a bus stop on Mountainveiw in Alpine Meadows, deserted by his former bear-napper, stripped naked of his T-shirt and chef's hat and soaking helplessly in the rain. Fortunately, a conscientious citizen recognized the bear and dropped him off at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory early on the morning of Jan. 11. The anonymous rescuer declined the reward. The bear-nappers remain at large. It is recommended by R.M.C.F. officials that stuffed animals of all kind be kept under careful watch for the time being.

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