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Rock, Paper, Scissors comes to Wild Wood

Bush or Kerry. SUV or Smart Car. Skis or snowboard. Should the toilet paper be positioned so the paper rolls off the top or underneath.


What: Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament

Where: Wild Wood Pacific Bistro

When: Sunday, Sept. 26

These are some of the great debates we face in the early part of the 21st century. Thousands of hours have been spent trying to resolve these questions, with few satisfactory results.

But there is one peaceful, fair means of dispute resolution that hasn’t been used often enough at the UN or in corporate board rooms: Rock, Paper Scissors.

The World Rock Paper Scissors Society is showing off this amazing technique with a tournament in Whistler on Sunday, Sept. 26 at the Wild Wood Pacific Bistro.

As per the format followed at last year’s world championships in Toronto, headquarters of the World RPS Society, the Wild Wood tournament will proceed as refereed ring matches with the winner taking all. Registration costs $20 per player. The event’s head referee will be none other than the man voted Whistler’s Most Popular Bartender, Scott Musgrave.

According to the RPS Society’s Web site, last year’s championships drew more than 1,000 competitors and spectators from as far away as Sydney, Australia.

Potential players in the Whistler event would do best to go to the Society’s Web site www.worldrps.com and familiarize themselves in advance with the standardized rules and restrictions for competitive play.

There are also a host of tips and different strategies to try such as "chaos play", "exclusions" and "gambits", a mastery over which will lead you one step closer to a career in shuttle diplomacy.

You can register in advance of the tournament at www.whistlerrps.com, or just drop by to watch the fun.

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