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Roam on the range and on the screen

The Collective's newest mountain bike flick premieres at WSSF



What: Roam

When: Sunday, April 16

Where: Telus Conference Centre

Tickets: $10

Freedom to explore the globe; permission to push both personal and physical limits; daring to ride into the unknown. Get ready to Roam with The Collective at the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival.

The Collective’s latest mountain bike flick, Roam , premieres Sunday, April 16 at the Telus Conference Centre, roving into the uncharted territory of both freeriding and filmmaking.

"A big part of how we try to differentiate ourselves is by pushing ourselves in cinematography," said Jamie Houssian, producer and co-director of Roam.

"On the riding side, we are asking riders to step it up and push themselves and we try to match that performance behind the camera."

The Whistler premier kicks off a 70-date tour through nine countries and three continents.

Both local and internationally renowned riders explore the unexpected in the film, from the wide-open spaces of American deserts and the peaks of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco to the old growth forests of Interior B.C. and the infamous single tracks of Sun Valley Idaho. Whistlerites will also recognize their home stomping ground with film crews taking advantage of the international riders the Whistler Bike Park attracts.

"The film will appeal to anyone with a sense of appreciation for traveling to new places," Houssain said. "People will be attracted to different elements of our film."

Film aficionados will appreciate the dramatic 16 mm-film footage captured with crane and cable cams. Music lovers will rock out to a charged soundtrack and adrenaline junkies will get their big air and breakneck-speed fixes, getting pumped for the nearing mountain bike season.

Diverse locations, diverse riding styles – the film covers everything from freeride mountain biking and single track to dirt and park-style riding, all executed by the top pedallers of the mountain bike industry.

Names to look out for include Darren Berrecloth, Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, Jordie Lunn, Tyler Morland, Nathan Rennie, Steve Romaniuk, Adam Billinghurst, Kenny Smith, Ryan Leech, Steve Peat, Andrew Shandro, Ryder Kasprick, Cam McCaul, Matt Hunter and Thomas Vanderham.

Tickets are $10. To check out the trailer, visit www.thecollectivefilm.com/roam.

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