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road repair

Creekside Road project delayed Council were champing at the bit to proceed with reconstructing the battered Lake Placid Road west of the highway, but the amount of snow on the ground convinced council to delay its approval at its regular meeting, Monday. At issue is an impending announcement from the provincial government of grant money for infrastructure projects — such as road construction — that would save the municipality a chunk of cash if they waited. The provincial government has said it will reveal a new budget March 25. "There is a desire for the government to have projects on its books in readiness for that announcement, said assistant municipal engineer Steve Black, noting that it’s rare for the government to badger a municipality to ask for money. But grant money from BC Hydro to help pay for putting its hydro lines underground could be at stake if council dithered. The $2 million project had already been deferred by council in 1996 because of the cost to "underground" electrical and telephone lines, staff told councillors. Undergrounding alone will cost $525,000. The Creekside Merchants Association is hot to have the road repaved, complete with parking spots along one side and a sidewalk along the other. "There is no difference in cost if there are two sidewalks, or if there is one sidewalk plus parking on a gravel shoulder," muni staff said. Councillors originally leaned to start a.s.a.p. "It’s sorely needed," said councillor Stephanie Sloan. "The earlier we proceed the better," to take advantage of BC Hydro’s $123,000 beautification grant, Black said. "But with the current weather, we could delay six weeks and we still couldn’t go." That sealed it: council voted to defer its decision for another six months.