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RMOW to look at ways to reduce dog pooh

Owners asked to be more responsible



A dark and dirty secret has been kept under wraps in Whistler all winter long.

But with spring on the way, the dog pooh that has been hidden under the snow is rearing its ugly head.

"We need to come up with some kind of policy," said Councillor Ralph Forsyth, who brought the matter to council's attention at Tuesday's meeting.

"It's absolutely disgusting to walk around on our trails."

He found strong support from Mayor Ken Melamed

"We need to get to responsible dog ownership," said the mayor.

The idea of having a zero tolerance policy and potentially seeing no dogs off-leash or in parks was also discussed.

Councillor Chris Quinlan raised some red flags however over the enforcement and the cost of such actions.

"I caution council on that," he said.

Council directed staff to come back with a report. Councillor Ted Milner was opposed.