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RMOW promoting sustainability in New Zealand



It made Green a big part of the Olympic Games, and now the Resort Municipality of Whistler is taking its message about sustainability abroad.

Bill Barratt, chief administrative officer at the municipality, and Mike Vance, general manager of policy and program development, traveled to New Zealand this week to present a series of seminars about Whistler's "leadership in resort and sustainability planning" that is garnering attention around the world.

Barratt and Vance will be sharing Whistler's ideas with groups such as the New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers, Queenstown Lakes District Council, as well as the Queenstown Chamber of Commerce Board. They'll also be speaking to Bill English, New Zealand's Deputy Prime Minister.

The municipality was invited by the New Zealand organizations and the whole trip is being covered by the host organizations, according to the RMOW.

The municipality goes on to say that the trip to New Zealand is in keeping with council priorities identified at its 2009 retreat, which focuses on "Whistler's responsibility to the global community."

"Council is committed to Whistler playing a shared leadership role in the overall global effort to achieve sustainability," a news release said.

Some groups will also be quizzing the Whistler representatives on issues related to hosting major events. New Zealand is host to the 2011 World Cup of Rugby.



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