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Richmond man faces sex assault charges after groping nightclub waitress

A Richmond man is facing charges for sexual assault after he put his hand up a nightclub club server’s skirt and assaulted her.



The 25-year-old was partying at the local nightclub last Saturday night when the incident occurred.

"(Servers) have some level of tolerance but what happened here in no area, no realm, no job should it be acceptable and that is why we reacted the way we did," said RCMP CST Devon Jones.

The man, who is not being identified by police yet, had been drinking.

"But," said Jones, "I wouldn’t go as far as to say he didn’t know what he was doing."

The accused is to appear in court in North Vancouver this August.

Mike Hofbauer, general manager of Garfinkel’s nightclub said a certain amount of tolerance is shown by club staff as long as the situation is a safe one.

But, he said, "What happened in this instance was serious and it was real.

"Servers do put up with a lot of crap but when you cross the line you are going to get what is coming to you."

He hopes the charges for assault send out a strong message to club and bar patrons.

Hofbauer said Garfinkles and other clubs he has worked at have clear policies for staff about how to deal with patrons who cross the line and calling the authorities in is part of that.

In this case the server asked the door staff to have the patron escorted out of the bar. When the nature of the assault became clear the police were called and they responded within minutes.

Man found outside school makes court appearance

Lawrence Arnold Miller, 32, made an appearance in North Vancouver Court this week after being arrested by Whistler police for breaching probation orders to stay away from people under 14 years old.

Miller was found hanging around Myrtle Philip School. Police issued a warning to parents and went door to door in school neighbourhoods.

He was ordered to appear in court in North Vancouver again June 14.

Miller no longer resides in Whistler.

Squamish men charged in drug bust

Whitehorse Mounties have charged two Squamish men after discovering 100 kilograms of marijuana, worth half a million dollars, in a vehicle.

The two have been identified as Kurtis Ray Croy, 33, and Kyle MacDonald-Wolochatiuk. They are charged with drug trafficking.