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Reynolds returns as whip


John Reynolds took his oath as an MP for the 37 th Parliament and was re-appointed chief Opposition whip on Dec. 12.

"I was honoured to take my oath as MP for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast for the 37 th Parliament," said Reynolds. "I am grateful for the support given to me by the constituents of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast and renew my pledge to them of respectful and responsible representation of their needs and concerns in Parliament.

"The official Opposition puts the Liberal government on notice that the campaign for the next election begins with the resumption of Parliament and we will not abandon the 60 per cent of Canadians who did not support the Liberals," continued Reynolds.

Reynolds was also asked by Stockwell Day, Leader of the official Opposition, to again serve as chief Opposition whip.

"I accepted this appointment and told the Leader it was an honour and a pleasure to continue as chief Opposition whip and serve his leadership alongside deputy leader Deborah Grey and house leader Chuck Strahl," said Reynolds.