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Revamped road riding brochure promotes safety

Highways and local roads busier as granfondo training continues



It could be a banner year for GranFondo Whistler with numbers up 15 per cent over this time last year.

But perhaps more telling of the future of the event, and of road riding in general, is where that growth is coming from.

"We feel the growth is first-time GranFondo riders," said organizer Neil McKinnon.

Keeping the event fresh and fun with specific post-race programming also keeps riders coming back for more, he added.

More participants in GranFondo mean more road riders.

All the more reason then for the municipality to refresh its road-riding brochure, getting out the message that safety on the roads is a two-way street.

"As each year of this event goes on, motorists, especially regular users of the highway, are more aware of the cyclists and the fact that they're athletes and they're focused on preparing for the event," said Mayor Nancy Wilhelm-Morden.

"The first year... it was unusual to see just so many cyclists here in advance of the event. Now, I think regular users are more prepared to see the numbers on the highway."

The two-page brochure, which also outlines local road riding routes, will be widely distributed through different channels, including tourism partners and cycling clubs.

It includes cyclist tips such as:

  • ride single file;
  • follow traffic direction;
  • be predictable.

It also includes driver tips such as:

  • pass carefully;
  • turn cautiously;
  • make safety your priority.

More riders on the road ultimately means the safer it will become, said Frank Savage, president of the Whistler Cycling Club.

"There's safety in numbers," he added.


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