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Return of the Warriors

One half of the Stanton Warriors duo talks sushi, beats, and the evolution of their industry



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"Which is pretty, and pretty massive," he laughed.

"...I would never have thought Radio 1 would be aware of our music."

Based out of London today, the duo now mans the helms of their own indie label, Punks, which they release all of their own content on. While they haven't yet signed any other artists, they're always on the lookout for new talent that will jive with their own distinctive sound.

And they've also got their hands full, for the moment, getting ready to release their latest album, "The Warriors," which features samples of everything from Mongolian bells to African tribal music, all layered over fat beats, of course!

From the sound of one of their newest tracks, "Turn Me Up Some," which is posted on their website to offer a taste in the lead-up to their album release next month, the Warriors are still on the right track, bringing fresh ideas and influences to the deep house scene.





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