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Return of the Warriors

One half of the Stanton Warriors duo talks sushi, beats, and the evolution of their industry



Who : Stanton Warriors

When : Monday, Jan. 10, 9:30 p.m.

Where : Garfinkel's

Cost : First 100 tickets $15; next 100 $20; more at the door

The breakbeat duo of Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley - aka the Stanton Warriors - are already well on their way into their winter tour, having played a series of shows in the UK and most recently, the Swiss Alps, before moving onto North America for the next few weeks. Apparently, they spend their fair share of time on the road, playing shows.

"We're actually sort of always on tour, it's just a continuous tour. But we had a gig last night in a place called Laax in Switzerland, which - funny enough - reminds me of Whistler, a lot!" Butler said during an interview Tuesday morning, "It was a very nice sort of up-markety place where it's still cool, a ski and snowboard resort."

The pair had just returned to London and was getting ready to head to LA. They then plan to roll into Whistler to win over the local crowd, which is sure to be jammed into Garf's to hear the popular and distinctive dance DJ, production and remix duo perform later this week. They've certainly managed to pack local dance floors before, and were here last year doing just that.

"I think with the Whistler crowd, you've got obviously a lot of snowboarders and skiers there who, by their very nature, are probably a bit more outgoing than your average city clubber, so you've definitely got people going for it!" said Butler.

The Whistler crowd likes to ski hard and play hard, which is why the Warriors almost always include a stop in Whistler on their North American tour.

"It always goes off and we all get really drunk and end up at some chalet somewhere," he laughed.

Apparently, quaint ski towns like Whistler offer up some, well, not-so-quaint crowds, which can definitely compete with music lovers in big rooms like London's Fabric nightclub.

"We love it! And you know what? Whistler's got amazing food!" said Butler, adding that they plan to return to one of their favourite spots, Sushi Village, to fill up on some rolls while they're in town.

Yardley and Butler both grew up in the West Country of the UK, attending impromptu open-air parties that were so necessary to the illicit underground scene in the '90s.

"It was amazing. I used to watch a crew called the Wild Bunch Crew DJ (who later became Massive Attack)," he recalled, "... Back then, in a sense, dance music was kind of illegal in a way, in the sense that you couldn't hear it on the radio, the radio was one of the last to air to the public, you know? There were no clubs."