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Resolutions around Whistler

Bold pronouncements for 2005 from some of Whistler's favourite institutions


Tourism Whistler's New Year's resolution is...

• to make more new friends for Whistler (inviting visitors from key markets like the U.S., the U.K., Australia and the rest of the world!);

• to get in better shape (by engaging more visitors in Whistler's extensive outdoor activities!);

• to eat better (by showcasing Whistler's amazing restaurants and bars!); and

• to encourage guests to spend their dollars more wisely (on Whistler's retail of course!).

In 2005, WSSF's goal is to be bigger, better, smarter, wiser, greener, more effective, more charitable and most of all... a hell of a lot more fun than any of the nine years before it.

— Doug Perry, World Ski and Snowboard Festival

The Whistler Forum will be taking even bolder steps in 2005 in building a dialogue centre for fostering leadership and enhancing citizenship. Continued growth of our four programs – The Dialogue Cafes; Leadership Sea to Sky; November Summit on Citizen Engagement and the Global Leadership Initiative – is anchoring our plans for partnering with others locally and globally. Stay tuned.

— William Roberts, Executive Director, Whistler Forum

Our sins are multitudinous, and so our New Year’s resolutions follow suit. First and foremost, we plan to be less sarcastic, cynical, and caustic in favour of sweet, sensitive and sincere. To this end, we plan to stop using words like tool, dork, gay, retarded or douche-bag to describe pro skiers, politicians and publishers. Some restrictions apply. We further resolve to be marginally less brilliant and stop putting ski magazines like AXIS and FREEZE out of business by telekinesis. That shit hurts. We also plan to stop drinking (other people’s drinks) and smoking (other people’s weed). Oh, and we’re also going to stop running photos of rails. Apparently, they’re gay.

— SKIER Magazine

2005 will be a year for clearing house and moving house for WAC. We’ll kick off in a new location, the former WHA building, and with a welcome new staff member. Developing a business and operating model that will rocket the Whistler Arts Council, and the arts in Whistler, to 2010 and beyond, is our major priority for the year. We want to live in a Whistler where the arts are as important a focus as sport and recreation.

— Whistler Arts Council

In 2005, Whistler-Blackcomb will strive to continually earn the respect of our employees, our Sea to Sky community, and our guests. Through our unwavering commitment to good stewardship of the mountains which we have been trusted with, we aspire to create unforgettable memories for all.

— Whistler-Blackcomb

More riding. Less meetings.

— Grant Lamont, President, WORCA

New Year’s Resolution? LUNA’s getting a lube-job. We're greasing up its gears and turning up the heat.

LUNA has evolved from a crime prevention idea into Whistler's weekly source of ridiculously cheap, hangover-free, late-night good times. We’ve brought night time pool parties, sumo wrestling, snowshoeing, hockey, Triple Threat, dinners, yoga, rock climbing, and the fantastic Lost Lake outdoor film series to yads (young adults) and the young at heart for the past two years.

In 2005 I’m planning to add spicier, wackier, sexier episodes to the mix. Murder mystery, Action challenge, Saucy salsa… if anyone has ideas they’d like to share, I’d love to hear them. The outcome? A high-octane break from the night time norm. Getting to know yourself without alcohol. Growing your posse of friends.

Thanks and kisses to the Whistler community for fuelling our drive and giving us great torque. Happy New Year!

— Kiran Pal, LUNA Co-ordinator, Late & Unique Nighttime Alternatives

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