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Reload returns to kick off the season with another Sik show



What: Reload

Who: Sik Productions

Where: The Garibaldi Lift Co.

When: Saturday, Nov. 30

The snow is sprinkling and the parties are starting. The winter wind-up is under way and Reload is one international reunion you won’t want to miss.

Two of Vancouver’s top house DJs, Expo and Andy Clockwork, will team up at the GLC with two of Seattle’s finest, Jon Lee and Nate Jones, to create a welcoming committee like no other.

Locals returning for another season, expect the SIK signature set-up to be like last year’s sell-out. For the new kids in town, here’s a hint of what you’ll get for 15 bucks: "The GLC will come complete with hot tubs, fire spinners, visuals and one of the best sound systems around. Four turntables and two mixers will be playing all the time," said one of Reload’ s Sik organizers, Mike Dick.

Fellow Sik boy Kyle Birch added "Last year we almost blew the roof off the GLC. We invested a lot in the sound system and with the eclectic crowd and party atmosphere, it was one helluva night out!"

The reason for Reload is real simple. It’s a celebration of the new crowd in town and also a chance to showcase some of the best DJs in the west.

"This is the first opportunity for Whistler’s newcomers to see what the West Coast flavour is all about," said Birch.

Last year’s event was sold out, so repeat after me: "Must buy tickets early." Poke your head in at the GLC before the event for tickets, or phone Sik Productions at 604-935-2960 or 604-966-1042. The party starts at 9 p.m.

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