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Register early for Writers Fest



The chance to connect with a leading literary expert and gain invaluable feedback is here with the fifth annual Writers Retreat and Festival Sept. 14-17.

The writers retreat component of the festival puts both emerging and established writers in touch with accomplished writers through a one-on-one mentoring program and group workshop.

Mentors include award-winning writers such as Laisha Rosnau, Annabel Lyon and Pam Barnsley.

In addition to the retreat, the registration fee also includes four days of seminars on screenwriting, children's books, the rewriting process, bringing your writing to life and how to pitch your book. A live pitching session with various Canadian publishers is also hosted, as well as numerous live reading events.

Early registration for the retreat is $375 per person before July 15. Registration thereafter is $450.

For more information, visit www.theviciouscircle.ca or e-mail stella25@telus.net.

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