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Region prepares for fire season

The SLRD is getting ready for the wildfire season.


At the request of Director Mickey Macri, who represents Area B at the north end of the district, the SLRD will put forward a grant application to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities and the Ministry of Forests for funding of a community wildfire plan.

The plan will define risk areas for interface fires, identify measures to mitigate those risks and outline a plan of action.

There are four hazard areas identified in Area B, which dealt with a number of fires last season.

"We are sitting in a very vulnerable spot," said Macri.

SLRD staff will also investigate the provincial fire hazard mapping for the region and bring forward any other high risk areas which could use the funding from the wildfire plan program. Whistler has received a $15,000 grant from UBCM for wildfire plan.

The SLRD's application must be submitted by May 1.

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