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Well, that's for the future to decide. For now, we still have a few festive days left, better weather coming, pro photographers tonight (April 19), fashion tomorrow (April 20) and, of course, an encore presentation of A Long Time Ago: In a Ski Resort Far, Far, Away, for which there may still be a ticket or two sloshing around.

And tomorrow, Friday (April 20) is a free concert by Michael Franti & Friends. Saturday is Michael's birthday; it would be a nice present if we filled Skiers' Plaza for him. That shouldn't be hard considering he's playing on 420, around 4:20pm, and this is a town that does, and should, celebrate all things 420ish. What say we lay down a cloud of smoke that'll be visible to the weather satellites, Whistleratics?

In fact, now that this town's elected officials have shown the grit to speak out against Northern Gateway — big round of applause — maybe the next windmill they should tilt at is the asinine prohibition against cannabis. Maybe it's time to join Vernon, Victoria, Metchosin and other municipalities who have come out in favour of legalization and against wasting time and money on cops busting stoners, as the RCMP inevitably will on Friday.

Pipe dream?

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