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Recording the Crowd

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What: Punk Night

When: Sunday, June 25

Where: Garfinkel’s

Tickets: $5

After a recording hiatus, Whistler’s Black Collar Crowd returns to Punk Night on Sunday, June 25 at Garfinkel’s, along with fellow punkers Rio Bent and Kamakazi Night.

"It was a learning experience," says Black Collar Crowd frontman Luke Pollard of recording the band’s first demo EP. "We know what to expect of ourselves. This was our first time recording as a band. We worked out the kinks and sort of know what we want. I am excited about it."

Black Collar’s three new tracks can be listened to at www.myspace.com/blackcollarcrowd", including City Streets, Deadman’s War and Heaven’s Gate.

"City Streets is sort of made up of events from my past; personal events; the disappearance of someone I knew," Pollard explains. "Deadman’s War is an anti-establishment song. A classic punk song. I think Whistler and Vancouver are such a corporate force."

Black Collar Crowd delivers their punk straight up: dirty and melodic.

"I think punk music needs to have energy and a raw sound about it," he says.

With more than 700 downloads already on some of the songs, the Whistler group, made up of Pollard, Mike Gallo and Jef Wasyliw, is looking forward to recording their first full-length album this summer. More than 20 songs are catalogued for the new adventure.

Vancouver’s Kamakazi Night and Rio Bent also join the Punk Night line up this Sunday.

"They are a really cool band," Pollard says of Rio Bent. "And the lead singer Allie is really hot."

The female fronted three-piece delivers fierce vocals. The Georgia Straight’s Shawn Conner described the kick-in-your-teeth punk rockers as, "like a youthful No Doubt after drinking the blood of Rancid."

Punk Night cover is $5.