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Record setting Test of Metal

Plaxton, Simms shatter previous course records, Whistler’s Matt Ryan fourth



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“I was four minutes back of (Tony) at the bottom of Nine Mile,” said Hopkins. “The Plunge was my favourite this year, that’s where I passed the most people — that and Crumpet Woods. It’s definitely the fastest I’ve ever ridden the course, and I was getting faster near the end.”

Several other Whistler riders also finished on or near the podium:

In women’s 19 and Under, Toria Whitney edged out Squamish’s Lauren Rosser by less than 12 seconds to take first place, with times of 4:13:40 and 4:13:52 respectively. Eden Imbeau of Team Squamish was third.

In Female 20-29, Emma Smith of the U.K. and sometimes Whistler placed first in 3:37:08, followed by Pemberton’s Fanny Paquette in 3:41:33.

In Female 30-34 Sarah O’Byrne placed third in 3:51:56, followed by downhiller Katrina Strand in 3:41:46.

In Female 35-39 Sarah Jervis was 17 th in 5:19:57, and Lisa Canjar 21 st in 5:49:00.

In Female 40-44 Michele Marsh was 13 th in 4:39:24, and Gabby Moeller 25 th in 5:23:30.

In Female 45-49 Dori Faulkner was seventh in 5:19:24.

In Female 50-54 Marilyn Manso was first in 3:53:05.

In Female Elite Kristin Johnston was fifth in 3:15:39 and Jennifer Tabbernor 11 th in 3:44:41.

In Male 19 and Under Max Horner was ninth in 3:32:14, followed by Jesse Melamed in 10 th in 3:34:50

In Male 20-29 Jonny Lloyd was sixth in 3:18:33, Philippe Gagnon ninth in 3:31:47, Andrew Reid 26 th in 4:20:37, Iain Warren 40 th in 5:24:20.

In Male 30-34 Daniel Irvine was 34 th in 3:51:13, Wes McIntyre 78 th in 4:46:16 and Ian Bartley 83 rd in 4:52:10.

In Male 35-39 Joe Polito was 21 st in 3:23:59, Kevin Smith 24 th in 3:25:55, Jason Simpson 46 th in 3:42:13, Pete Field (riding a single speed) 57 th in 3:52:10, Mike Boehm 59 th in 3:52:39, Bill Bishop 97 th in 4:21:59, Tim Jervis 115 th in 4:36:30, and Angus Corey 153 rd in 5:19:17.