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Whistler properties on this year’s assessment roll have generally increased up to 10 per cent.

B.C. Assessment reports a single-family dwelling in the Creekside area valued at $436,000 in the summer of 1998 would have sold for $470,000 the following summer. Alpine Estates saw a small two to three per cent increase with a home valued at $465,000 in 1998 fetching $475,000 in 1999.

Some of the higher-end properties in Sunridge, Blueberry Hill, Nicklaus North and Horstman Estates showed an 18-30 per cent increase. For example, a single-family dwelling in Blueberry valued at $1.3 million in July 1998 would sell for around $1.5 million in the summer of 1999.

Condominiums on this year’s assessment role are also generally valued higher than the previous year. For example, a Creekside condo that sold for $310,000 in 1998 would have seen a $15,000 increase the following year, while a Benchlands unit that sold for $325,000 in the summer of 1998 would have seen a $25,000 increase to $350,000 in 1999.

Properties in Emerald Estates, however, dropped an average 5.8 per cent. For example, a home that sold for $330,000 in July 1998 would have sold the following year for $311,000.

Whistler’s assessment roll has increased by $357,133,000, from about $4.3 billion to $4.6 billion.

More than 12,000 assessment notices have been mailed to Whistler property owners. If owners feel their assessment is not reflective of market value as of July 1, 1999, or the information on their notice is incorrect, they are encouraged to contact B.C. Assessment directly. If they are still concerned after talking to assessors they may request an independent review of their assessment from a review panel.

The assessments will be used to calculate property taxes.

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