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WORCA bike swap April 19, first Loonie Race May 1



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Participants can drop off their bikes and gear at the swap between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. at the cost of $2 per item, plus 10 per cent of all sales over $1,000 and 15 per cent of all sales $999 and under.

The swap will be open to the public until 3 p.m.

WORCA has made a few changes this year to help things go smoother. One addition is a new security fence to protect against theft, and additional security measures. A bike was stolen at last year’s swap, which cost WORCA’s youth programs almost $1,200.

As well there will be three credit card terminals for people purchasing bikes to keep lines moving, and bike stores selling used rentals are being presented with tags ahead of time to make registration easier.

There is a three per cent surcharge on all credit card purchases; cash will also be accepted. There is no debit card system in place.

Pick-up will begin at 2 p.m. and continue until 4 p.m. After that point items must be picked up or WORCA will consider them to be a donation to the association.

Hellinga hopes that people will sell their bikes through the swap and support youth programs.

“This event is there to support youth, and it’s providing a good service to the community. We hope people will take a little bit of a hit to hook people up with bikes, support the youth and get a few karma points,” said Hellinga.

This year there will be eight youth dirt camps, starting after the last week of school. Each week will be open for 30 kids, and two coaches will be hired to work with every 10 kids. The cost of participating is $150 for the week, up $50 from last year.

“The programs ran at a bit of a loss last year, and this way we could add coaches, add more camps and still break even,” said Hellinga.

Registration for the camps will be in May, and the date will be announced in WORCA ads and through the WORCA website.

On the trails front, trail director Jerome David is hosting two trails days in May this year to do spring cleaning on local trails, followed by four trail nights — two in July and two in August. As well, WORCA will be hiring two trail contractors for the season to upgrade and maintain the network.

“We really want to engage the community this year when it comes to trails,” said Hellinga. “We’re still hiring trail contractors, but we want the community to really take away a sense of ownership. When the North Shore Mountain Bike club hosts trail days they get 100 people out, and we need to see the same kind of support for our trails.”