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Spring Break special web series



Holidays — you're on holiday aren't you? — are all about "me" time. They're a break from many day-to-day responsibilities, even if you bring some of those responsibilities along with you and (hint) pack them off to Whistler Kids. So let's get down and get personal... really personal. Hands on personal. Poked, prodded, pampered and preened personal. This is all about you. And, let's be honest, who deserves it more than you?

Whistler attracts some of the best physiotherapists and massage therapists in the country. If you've got an ache, they can make it feel better. If you're not aching, they can still make you feel better.

And if you want to take pampering to a whole new level, check out some of the spas in town. They employ ancient and modern treatments to soothe, relieve and pamper your body and spirit. Today's the day to try something you've never experienced before.

If balanced wellness means a full-body workout to you, you'll also find plenty of ways to sweat your way to health. From yoga studios to pilates instructors to sessions with very talented personal trainers, you can leave Whistler feeling much better than when you arrived.

And isn't that why you go on holiday?

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