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RCMP warn thefts on the rise in the fall


Forklifts a hot item this month

It happens every year at this time, and it’s not the Turkey sale.

According to the Whistler/Pemberton RCMP, there has been a rash of thefts and break and enters in the area for the months of September and October, ranging from petty thefts to large scale thefts of property and machinery.

In September, there were 19 break and enters in Whistler and Pemberton, including three business, eight residences and eight cottages.

Other reported thefts for the month include a motorcycle, four ATVs, a forklift and a hot tub. In addition there were 23 reported thefts from motor vehicles.

Although we are just over a week into October, there have already been nine break and enters, including six businesses and three residences. Thefts include three motorcycles, one forklift, and seven golf carts. There have also been 14 reported thefts from motor vehicles.

Theft statistics typically increase in the fall season, with higher unemployment and fewer people around to discourage criminals. The influx of new people to town also makes it easier for thieves to go unnoticed.

The RCMP are urging people to take the following precautions:

• Lock vehicles at all times;

• Keep all valuables out of vehicles. Keep them on your person or leave them at home;

• Park in well-lit areas, and ask about video surveillance for your vehicles when parked in underground lots;

• Take notice of your surroundings, the vehicles and the people in your area;

• Lock your residences and businesses;

• Consider audible alarms for your homes, businesses and vehicles;

• Work together with your neighbours to watch each others’ property all the time, not just during prolonged absences;

• Keep video surveillance equipment in your businesses up to date and have staff well-trained in operating the equipment;

• Research crime prevention techniques, including crime prevention through environmental design and landscaping, on the Internet.

Call the RCMP at 604-932-3044 to report suspicious occurrences or individuals.

Theft victims offer thanks

Thieves didn’t return any of the items stolen from their car in Wayside Park parking lot, but travelling companions Simon Woodward and Lenette Sitter would like to thank everyone who offered to help.

The friends had their car broken into last week, on the evening before they were to move into their new place. All of their clothes and possessions were taken from the car.

People called to offer the pair clothes, and the Re-Use-It Centre and Community Services Society pitched in to help Woodward and Sitter get back on their feet.

They are still hoping some of the items taken will be turned in, including a Mexican blanket that belonged to Sitter’s deceased brother, and a device that helps to generate colloidal silver that Sitter needs for health reasons.

This article was amended Jan.14, 2019 to clarify the relationship between Woodward and Sitter, at Sitter's request.

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