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RCMP: Suicidal man could face charges


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A 41-year-old Abbotsford man who shot himself in the head after a three-and-a-half hour standoff with police may face several charges for his actions on Nov. 3. As of Tuesday, the man was still unconscious but expected to recover from the self-inflicted wound. The RCMP would not say what motivated the individual, but acknowledged that he was known to police.

The RCMP received a call from the man's family members on Saturday afternoon, including information that he may be headed up to Whistler. The RCMP tracked his vehicle from the Calcheak Forest Service Road, and followed him to Day Skier Lot 3.

From there he left his vehicle and walked to the dirt jump areas where police attempted to talk him into surrendering his weapon and getting help. In the meantime a large area surrounding the day lots was blocked off in the police response, which included all members of the Whistler detachment, on-duty members from the Squamish detachment, and an Emergency Response Team and crisis management team from the Lower Mainland. In total, upwards of 40 police officers were involved. They also attempted to involve members of the man's family and a personal friend in the rescue effort.

The man may face charges for his actions, including flight from a police officer, dangerous driving, careless use of a firearm, possession of a dangerous weapon, and other firearms-related offences. The gun he used was an unlicenced, large caliber, semi-automatic weapon.

"He was not threatening others, just himself," said Staff Sergeant Steve LeClair. "He was not a danger to the public."

LeClair said their first priority was for the safety of the public, then the safety of officers and the individual. "Our job was to ensure that no innocent bystanders were injured." The police used a loudspeaker to make contact with the man soon after he was surrounded.

LeClair said he has been involved in approximately six suicide investigations in his five years with the Whistler and Pemberton detachment, a firearm was used in one other instance.

CN worker injured in vehicle rollover

A CN Rail worker was injured on Oct. 30 at roughly 3 p.m. when a work vehicle rolled backwards on the Microwave Tower Road while while a crew was working on the winch system. The injured male was struck by the vehicle, which continued over an embankment roughly seven kilometres up from the Whistler Interpretive Forest parking lot.

The man was taken to the Whistler Health Care Centre, where he was treated and released. The vehicle was not recovered until several days later.

RCMP warn of Internet fraud

The RCMP received several reports related to fraud and attempted fraud through the Internet this past week, and are warning both residents and newcomers to town to be vigilant when doing business or renting rooms through the web. At this time of year, when thousands of new people are arriving in the resort, the number of fraud reports increases

On Oct. 31 the RCMP received a report regarding a man seeking easy employment who came across an offer to be a secret shopper. He was sent a cheque for $4,000 and told to open a bank account with $300 of his own money. He was then told to keep $400 of the total and send the rest of the amount to the company. The man became suspicious and soon afterward determined that the company did not exist and the cheque was invalid.

On Nov. 1, the RCMP received a report from a man selling a washer and dryer online at Craigslist. The male received a reply, and then a cheque for far more than what he was asking. The person buying the washer and dryer asked him to wire the difference back to them, which prompted the man to become suspicious and take the cheque to the bank.

On Nov. 2, the RCMP received a report regarding a successful rental fraud, with three transactions totalling $1,000 going to scammers claiming to be renting a unit.

On Nov. 2, the RCMP received another report of a successful rental fraud, with a woman on Vancouver Island sending $2,650 to a woman in the Ukraine regarding a rental in Whistler. The woman made the report in person.