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RCMP seeks help to catch person involved in alleged assault

Police Briefs: loyalty points stolen



A verbal dispute turned into an assault as a 24-year-old Whistler man was punched and kicked in the head by several unknown males.

RCMP report that the incident occurred just before midnight on May 5 and the beaten man was transported to and treated at the Whistler Health Centre. One suspect is described as a Caucasian of about 30 years old, about 5'10", with light hair, stubble and wearing a blue Adidas hoodie. Anyone with information is asked to call Whistler RCMP or Crimestoppers.

Man steals loyalty-program points

Whistler RCMP are urging caution after a young man on May 10 seemingly skimmed information and used specific loyalty travel points from several customer accounts to book a hotel room in Whistler.

Although the male never checked into the room, RCMP said it appears he acquired information via mail theft and information stolen from vehicles, ATM skimming or break-ins.

In this booking, it is believed that some of the points were obtained through ATM skimming where the suspect had obtained enough information on the client to log into the travel redemption portal of one financial institution and transfer points to himself. This issue has since been addressed by the institution. The affected client had the points reimbursed as well.

The Whistler RCMP is urging people to take some simple steps to protect themselves from identity theft.

• Don't leave any wallet/identification/purses in your vehicle when it is unattended;

• Pick up your mail on a daily basis;

• Be cautious when you use older generic style ATMs located outside financial institutions;

• Protect your PIN, do not share it with anyone and change it a couple of times a year;

• Don't share your banking information with third parties;

• If you can, use the tap function when you pay with your credit card at the store;

• Immediately cancel your credit and bank cards if you discover any of them missing;

• Check your financial statements and loyalty travel points statements regularly;

• Shred any personal and/or financial documents you dispose of.

Online sale alerts bike owner

Two high-end mountain bikes — valued at about $8,000 — were stolen months ago from a Spring Creek storage room and on May 11 the complainant spotted one of the bikes for sale online.

The complainant notified police that the bike had been stripped of all of its parts. Members of the Sea to Sky RCMP General Investigation Unit made contact with the seller and met him in the greater Vancouver area, where he promptly arrived with the bike frame in hand. The male was arrested for possession of stolen property and the bicycle was confirmed to have belonged to the original Whistler owner. The bike will be returned to the lawful owner.