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RCMP seek witnesses to beating


The RCMP are still looking for witnesses to a severe beating in the Alpine Meadows area in the early hours of July 3.

A group of youths in their late teens and early 20s attacked a Brazilian mountain biker who has been living and training in Whistler, dragging him to the ground and kicking him about the body and head. He sustained an orbital fracture of the skull (around the eye socket) and a broken nose in the attack, as well as other more minor cuts and bruises.

RCMP say the attackers are locals, and are responsible for similar attacks in the past.

"A group of kids are going to parties and assaulting people," says Constable Melody Henderson. "The kids are scared to say anything, and they’re reluctant to be witnesses. They’re afraid to come forward, and scared of repercussions from these kids. We’re having a difficult time identifying suspects."

This time the RCMP have a few leads they are following up on, and they are approaching the parents of kids who were at the house where the beating occurred.

The RCMP would not speculate on how many youths were in the group, or how many attacks they may be responsible for.

However some parents are very worried about the level of fear the attackers have instilled in other valley youths. Parents say the attackers are well known to others in the valley, but no one will come forward out of fear of being severely beaten themselves.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the RCMP at 932-3044.