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RCMP search for suspects in bear spraying


The Whistler RCMP are looking for assistance identifying three suspects that assaulted three tourists with bear spray in the early hours of Aug. 16.

According to RCMP three people were on the bridge by Rebagliati Park at roughly 1:30 a.m. when they were accosted by three males wearing hoodies. One of the males attacked them with bear spray.

"Fortunately there was someone nearby to assist because they were blind and disoriented," said Sergeant Steve Wright. "They were able to bring them to the police station where we were able to decontaminate them, and have them checked over by the B.C. Ambulance Service."

All three victims were released with no serious injuries, but Sgt. Wright says that it's no laughing matter.

"It's considered assault with a weapon," he said. "If you're caught carrying bear spray then it's possession of a prohibited weapon."

People in the backcountry are allowed to carry bear spray as a deterrent, but once the spray is taken into an urban setting it's considered a weapon.

The RCMP would like to hear from anyone who might have witnessed the incident, or has knowledge of the three suspects. You can contact the Whistler RCMP at 604-932-3044.

RCMP derail $10,000 bike theft

A plainclothes RCMP officer responded to a report of a person acting suspiciously in the village on the afternoon of Aug. 14, and observed the described suspect steal a bicycle from the base of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. With other officers watching they apprehended the thief, who is described as a 29-year-old male from Nelson. The Crown has yet to file charges and the person cannot be identified, although the RCMP have already charged him with one count of theft over $5,000. The bike in question was reportedly valued at $10,000.

"It's good that the public called us to report suspicious activity, and gave us a good description that allowed us to locate him and observe him stealing the bike," said Sergeant Steve Wright of the Whistler RCMP.

According to Sgt. Wright the owner of the bike had forgotten his lock at home, and had left the bike in plain view in Skier's Plaza. The RCMP remind everyone to lock their bikes securely, and not to leave their bikes unattended.

RCMP busy for Crankworx but no major incidents

The Whistler RCMP received 104 calls for service this past weekend, far more than the 60 calls that police will receive on an average weekend. Alcohol was a factor in nearly all of the calls, and officers were busy from early in the evening until long after the bars closed.

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