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RCMP Report

Few highway issues during blizzards



While the Sea to Sky region was hit hard with snowstorms last week the highway didn't experience any major delays as the result of accidents or closures, according to the Whistler RCMP.

While traffic was slow moving at times, only a handful of accidents were reported in the Whistler area.

On Nov. 17 at roughly 11:12 a.m. a southbound SUV slipped on an icy patch of road and rolled over, damaging the front end and roof of the vehicle. When the RCMP arrived there were two men standing beside the vehicle with minor injuries.

The section of road had been salted an hour before the accident. No charges were laid.

The following day at 11:56 a.m. the RCMP got a call about a vehicle in the ditch at the Cal-Cheak turnoff and when they attended the scene they found a tree across the southbound lanes. They stopped to slow traffic in the area around the tree, and were informed shortly afterwards that a tow truck was already on the scene removing the stuck vehicle.

On Nov. 19 the RCMP responded to a call at 12:24 p.m. that a commercial vehicle had slid off Highway 99 at Emerald Estates, with the trailer going into the ditch. There was a short highway closure as the tow truck pulled the trailer out of the ditch. The driver of that vehicle was charged with Driving Without Consideration.


Bear walks into home

While most of Whistler's bears are hibernating on the mountains there are a few still looking for food in the valley.

On Nov. 20 a bear entered the front door of a home on Cedar Grove Lane.

According to the RCMP the resident was sitting in the living room when the bear pushed open the door, but she did not react right away because she thought the noise might be related to the dog. When she saw the bear she ran upstairs and called the RCMP.

In the meantime the bear left the house without causing any damage or stealing any food.

The RCMP patrolled the area but the bear had disappeared. The Conservation Office has been notified.

There was another bear run-in on Nov. 22 at 6 p.m. on Alta Vista Road. A local resident stepped outside his residence to go for a walk and encountered a bear on his porch rummaging through the barbecue. The bear quickly left the area, and was not spotted by any patrols.


Surrey resident arrested

A report of an assault in the village led to the arrest of a 21-year-old Surrey male on drug charges over the weekend.

The RCMP responded to reports of an assault at 12:21 a.m. on Nov. 21 and soon after spotted a man with clothes that matched the description of the suspect. When they approached the man he allegedly dropped a bag on the ground. A bag was later proved to contain cocaine and ecstasy.

The suspect was arrested and is being charged with Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. There are no charges related to the assault.


Stolen truck recovered

A Dodge Ram pickup truck that was stolen in Pemberton on the afternoon of Nov. 19 was recovered in Lytton after RCMP officers gave chase.

A 27-year-old man from Kamloops is being charged with Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Failing to Stop and Possession of Stolen Property.


RCMP reviewing security footage

The Pemberton RCMP are going over security footage after a restaurant was broken into on the night of Nov. 21/morning of Nov. 22. The thief gained entry by removing the outside hinges on a door. He then proceeded to steal bottles of alcohol, a laptop computer and around $350 in rolled coins.


RCMP sort out on-hill brawl

The RCMP are investigating an on-hill brawl on Nov. 23 involving a snowboarder and skier. The two parties are telling conflicting stories. But what isn't in doubt is that a snowboarder tackled another man and separated his shoulder in the process. The snowboarder got up when he realized the other man was injured.


Squamish sex assault suspect arrested

Following a Canada-wide hunt, sex assault and robbery suspect Shaun Richard Funk was arrested in Regina on Nov. 18.

Funk is accused of entering the vehicle of a Kamloops woman who was sleeping in her car at Brennan Park Recreation Centre in Squamish, sexually assaulting her and forcing her to drive him to Burnaby. There he allegedly robbed her and assaulted her a second time. Funk, 35, was identified as a suspect two weeks ago.

The Squamish incident took place overnight on Aug. 28. The victim's ordeal ended at 4 a.m. on Aug. 29 when Funk fled her vehicle on foot.

Funk is also suspected in an attack in Ladysmith on Sept. 26 where he allegedly broke into the home of a woman in her 50s and assaulted her. The police believe he also attempted to break into another residence that night but fled before committing a crime.

Funk is originally from Manitoba and has resided in Alberta in the past. RCMP say he has had issues with drug addiction. He faces two charges of sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery and break and enter.