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RCMP patrolling River of Golden Dreams



Over the past few weekends the Whistler RCMP has handed out roughly 25 tickets for open alcohol on the River of Golden Dreams, while dumping hundreds of dollars in liquor.

The RCMP stepped up enforcement last year after numerous complaints about boaters drinking on the river and leaving behind garbage, deflated boats and empty cans and bottles.

The police did get a call on July 16 regarding a large group of 20 drinking on the river, but they had left the water before the police arrived.

The River of Golden Dreams connects Alta Lake to Green Lake, passing by the bottom of Lorimer Road and Meadow Park along the way. Companies and volunteers recently held several river clean-up events to try and restore the river to a pristine state.

Police will pour out any liquor if caught drinking in public, even if you're just crossing the street to get to another house — something that happened last week.

Road cyclists to travel single file

The RCMP received a call on July 16 at 6 p.m. regarding a group of approximately 30 cyclists biking north along Highway 99 at Function Junction. The riders were travelling up to three or four abreast, which is illegal. Riders are required to travel single file unless passing.

Bear hazed in White Gold

The Conservation Officer Service was called in to scare off a bear that broke into a house on Fitzsimmons Road on July 16.

The bear reportedly gained entry through the front door, raided the kitchen for food and made its way onto the deck. The RCMP provided assistance until a conservation officer arrived and used non-lethal techniques to scare the bear away.

Bears can open unlocked doors, sliding doors and windows, and are excellent climbers as well. Lock doors even when home and ensure there are no potential bear attractants around.