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RCMP officer extends stay in Pemberton

Feels more effective in small community



By Cindy FIlipenko

This spring RCMP Cpl. Paul Vadik’s four-year posting with the Whistler-Pemberton detachment came to its conclusion. However, the officer has decided to extend his stay by at least a year.

“This spring my contract was done and I had to make a decision. In looking at my options, I could not find a place that could offer me anything better professionally and personally,” he said.

Cpl. Vadik attributes his decision to spend another year in the community to a number of factors, from fresh air and lack of rush hour traffic to the climate and people. But at the crux of his decision is that policing results are more evident in smaller communities.

“In police work its difficult to see results. In Pemberton I find that the work that the members do each day makes an impact and we can feel the results,” he explained. “For example, the rash of B&Es last year. We were able to make an arrest and the accused plead guilty.”

The RCMP officer is quick to point out that it’s not just property crimes that are on the wane.

“I have seen a big difference over the last year here. Crime is down in all areas and I credit the police officers in the Whistler-Pemberton area and the community who have shown ownership to making a difference,” he said.

That sense of ownership has been exhibited through citizens supporting the detachment in its Intelligence Led Policing efforts.

Cpl. Vadik also cites the support Mayor Jordon Sturdy and council gives to policing as an important factor to the RCMP’s successes.

“We now have been integrated into a Sea to Sky Regional Police Service and with that we can tap into the diverse expertise, resources, and equipment pool to help get the job done — which is exciting — the 2010 Olympic wave is coming fast and I want to share in getting Pemberton ready,” said Cpl. Vadik.

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