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RCMP investigating mistreatment claim

Police News: domestic incident and truck accident being analyzed



Whistler RCMP is investigating claims from a man who alleges officers outside a village nightclub assaulted him in late April.

The man has taken to social media to try and locate the owner of a video that purportedly shows the altercation on the night in question. In one of the man's posts on Facebook, he claims, "I did not resist arrest and did not break any law other than (the) verbal abuse of a peace officer."

The man has reportedly met with the RCMP since the incident in question, and has been unable to provide video footage of the alleged altercation.

"I can say that his version of the events is quite different than the police version of events, however, we take all complaints that anybody makes seriously and it will be investigated," RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair said, adding that internal complaints are typically dealt with by a senior member of the detachment.

Pemberton woman sustains injuries in alleged domestic abuse

A Pemberton woman who sustained injuries to her face, arms and legs told police last Tuesday, May 1, that her boyfriend, a 36-year-old Mount Currie man, had allegedly beaten her during an argument.

RCMP were notified of the incident by a complainant reporting the female victim had attended the Pemberton Medical Clinic with injuries she had allegedly sustained in an altercation with a man she was in a domestic relationship with. Police attended the clinic and spoke with the woman, observing "substantial injuries," including several missing teeth, according to LeClair.

The woman claimed her boyfriend had struck her earlier in the day, although police had already detained the suspect for an unrelated charge of public intoxication.

The investigation is ongoing.

Vehicle driven into lake

A 40-year-old Revelstoke woman reportedly drove her vehicle off a cliff near the 16-kilometre mark of the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road and into a lake below last weekend. She did not sustain any injuries.

Police were notified of the incident by a witness who said she observed a pick-up truck ride over a cliff on Sunday, May 4. Officers attended and spoke with the witness, obtaining an approximate location of the incident. Shortly after, officers located the alleged driver of the vehicle, who claimed her dog was distracting her at the time of the incident. She also said her unfamiliarity with the road contributed to her accident.

"There was some indication that the driver had been drinking, but it's unclear if this contributed to the incident or not," LeClair said.

The woman was not administered a blood alcohol test because police could not confirm she was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, and also due to the amount of time that had elapsed since the crash once police arrived, LeClair said.


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